Key to Mettop‘s position as an expert partner is the open-minded, creative spirit of our team. We develop innovations in cooperation with renowned institutes and universities and especially with YOU! This interaction with third parties constantly provides new dynamics and fresh inspiration.


Polymet Solutions

The aim and goal of PolyMet Solutions is the combination of both, superior process know-how and innovative components supply in the non-ferrous metals area provided by Mettop GmbH and the plant engineering and supply capabilities of the SMS Group GmbH.

PolyMet Solutions offers complete designs and layouts for primary smelters, converters (including an optimized Peirce Smith converter design) and anode furnaces in the copper industry. Together with SMS Group and Mettop it will thus be possible to supply complete process routes, extending as far as electrolysis and the subsequent processing of semi-finished products.

In the field of planning and delivery of equipment and systems, PolyMet Solutions is also expanding its product and service spectrum to the producers of lead, zinc, tin and other non-ferrous metals.

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SMS Group

SMS group is an enterprise of globally operating companies in plant and machinery construction for steel and non-ferrous metals processing. A family-owned German company, it has around 13,000 employees worldwide. Some of the leading suppliers for metallurgical plants integrated in the SMS group are: SMS Siemag, SMS Meer, Krupp Technologie, Paul Wurth, Metix, Demag and Hertwich. SMS covers everything from pig iron production to metallurgical plants, rolling mills to strip processing lines and tube mills to thermal technology. Electrics, automation and a wide range of services complete the portfolio. The company is experienced in managing turnkey projects and can also support their customers with project financing.

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Christian Doppler Laboratory for Extractive Metallurgy of Technological Metals

The Christian Doppler Laboratory for Extractive Metallurgy of Technological Metals under direction of Ass. Prof. Stefan Luidold, is established at the Chair of Nonferrous Metallurgy of the Montanuniversitaet Leoben and funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.  In collaboration with industrial Enterprises it aims on the one hand at the development of applicable technologies and process routes for the reclamation of these elements from so-far unused particular sources (unconventional ores, residues, scraps, used consumer goods) and on the other hand at extension of the limited knowledge about their behaviour in diverse process steps. The latter constitutes an excellent base to broaden the range of economically and ecologically exploitable resources. Ultimately, this should encourage the position of the highly developed Austrian industry.

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proionic is one of the few practice-oriented technology companies in the world that offers an integrated portfolio in the field of ionic liquids:

  • development, production and sale of ionic liquids up to the multi-ton range
  • development and sale of new, future-oriented technologies using applied design of ionic liquids

proionic is part of the VTU Group, VTU Holding GmbH owning 85 % of the shares. 15 % of the shares are owned by the company's founder Mag. Roland Kalb.

proionic's primary goal is to bring both ionic liquids and the expertise for the associated technologies and applications to the market. At present only a few companies worldwide can offer this strategic setup which makes proionic virtually unique.

Take advantage of the exceptional properties of ionic liquids combined with the expertise of proionic to bring completely new technological solutions and products to the market. We will develop revolutionary innovations with you that have very high marketing potential. Don’t just look for improvements, but rather aspire to achieve real leaps in innovation!

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Montanwerke Brixlegg

Montanwerke Brixlegg is an Austrian company rich in history and tradition. Copper and silver have been produced in Brixlegg for over 500 years and the export ratio is over 80%. Our products are characterised by high brand awareness and excellent quality and have a widely diversified range of application, setting them apart. The “BRX” brand is a trademark recognised all over the world. On April 4th 2012 Montanwerke Brixlegg Aktiengesellschaft and Gindre Duchavany S.A. as well as their subsidiaries have been officially acquired by the Swiss Group UMCOR AG through its fully owned subsidiary UMCOR GmbH Vienna. UMCOR AG is a Swiss company specialized in the trading of non-ferrous metals and is already active worldwide. This acquisition represents for UMCOR AG a technological and strategic integration which enables them to continue and develop operations of the copper division through further expansion programs and to initiate synergies between the different entities of the Group.

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Montanuniversität Leoben

The Montanuniversität Leoben in Leoben, Austria, is the country's only university for mining, metallurgy and materials.

It was founded on November 4th 1840 in the province of Styria, Austria's main mining region. In 1848 Peter Tunner relocated the university to nearby Leoben, in that year the university had a mere 48 students enrolled.

In the meantime the Montanuniversität Leoben has over 3800 students and is, alongside the TU Wien and TU Graz, one of Austria's three universities of technology. It offers education and conducts research in the fields of mining, metallurgy and materials science.

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UrbanGold GmbH

UrbanGold GmbH was founded in January 2014 with the following corporate purposes:

  • Development of a process for the treatment of WEEE, WEEE-concentrate and similar materials
  • Development of a facility unit which is capable of processing 100% WEEE, WEEE-concentrate and similar materials without any addition of scrap for cooling
  • Planning, construction and operation of plants for the treatment of WEEE, WEEE-concentrate and similar materials
  • Sale of the plant concept, know-how and engineering for the treatment of WEEE, WEEE-concentrate and similar materials

The core competences of UrbanGold result from their shareholders and comprise metallurgical plant and process engineering in the fields of pyro- and hydrometallurgy. UrbanGold’s specialists have great expertise in the recycling and processing of WEEE and other low-grade secondary raw materials containing copper, and they are experienced in operating secondary copper metallurgical plants.

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Pierer Industrie AG

As of January 2015, Pierer Industrie AG holds 24,9 % of Mettop GmbH.
Pierer Industrie AG is not only an investor but rather a strong Partner, supporting Mettop GmbH in the achievement of its strategic goals.

Pierer Industrie AG is an Austrian industrial holding group, owned 100 % by Pierer Konzerngesellschaft mbH. It holds shareholdings in various domestic and foreign companies.

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Zentrum für angewandte Technologie Leoben GmbH

The Zentrum für angewandte Technologie (center for applied technologie) was founded in 1999 as the first university spin-off center in Austria. With its seat nearby the Montanuniversität, the main focus is on scientists and innovative people from the surroundings of the university. Because of competences and a multifaceted network of the university in material sciences and its appliances, many project promoters from other regions take up on the opportunity to start their independency in Leoben with the help of ZAT.

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