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METTOP is a global company in the field of metallurgy. We focus on innovative technologies, which enable a safe, economical and higher quality metal extraction.

We are the partner for the metallurgical process of the next generation. With the development of closed systems, environmentally friendly technologies and new ways of recycling, we are the specialist for customer-specific optimal solutions.


Latest News

Ionic Liquid Cooling Technology

  • Test run at the tuyere zone of a Peirce-Smith Converter
  • Online temperature measurement with a cooled lance


  • Alternative slag system for secondary copper metallurgy
  • Thermodynamic model for a secondary copper plant


  • XIANGGUANG Copper Co., Ltd.
  • Primary Smelter
  • 420 A/m2 current density
  • 98.3% current efficiency
  • 720 cells
  • 54 cathodes / 55 anodes
  • in operation since June, 2011
  • Yanggu, Shandong Province, China

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